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Liviau R is een bedieningsscherm om inputs te selecteren tijdens een vergadering of dienst o.a. ook geschikt voorSkype. Inclusief PSU.

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Liviau R is a completely new approach to AV control.

A single, elegant touchscreen-based unit combined with highly intuitive control pages lets you control complex presentations with simplicity and ease.
All you need to connect is a display device and speakers.

Liviau R is simple to install, versatile in use, great to look at and very cost-effective in comparison with other room control systems available.

Dim the lights, close the blinds and choose your presentation from a wide range of media sources, or your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Play Music:
Liviau R can play music from many sources, including internet radio, sound stores or even from your personal music playlists.

Play Video:
Present your latest corporate or product videos. Liviau R can replay video from multiple formats and sources – including YouTube.

Web Browser:
View your company intranet, guide clients through their new websites, or surf the net. Full web browser functionality is standard with Liviau R.

Room Scheduler:
Organise your meeting room bookings directly from Liviau R, or integrate with your online scheduling platform.

Pre-programme messaging tasks to a single button press to avoid interruptions, such as requesting refreshments, or even booking a taxi.


Wired or wireless, Liviau R interfaces to your network with ease, enabling you to select presentation files directly from the server, access the internet, or even wirelessly stream content directly from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Data for presentations such as PowerPoint slides, word processor files and spreadsheets, or music files and videos can be stored in Liviau R.

Attendees can bring their own files (presentations, videos, music etc.) on USB memory sticks and plug them directly into the Liviau R.

Organise your meeting room bookings directly from Liviau R, or integrate with your online scheduling platform.
Liviau R is equipped with a HDMI input, allowing laptops and DVD players to connect directly to replay audio and video in high definition.

Liviau R comes complete with Bluetooth functionality, allowing attendees to connect their own Bluetooth enabled devices.


Liviau R can interface to any DMX 512-based lighting controller.
Overall light level is available for adjustment on all touchscreen pages; a greater degree of control is also possible allowing colour/intensity adjustment and pre-programmed lighting scenes to be stored and recalled.

Liviau R is equipped with HDMI input and output ports, capable of up to 1920 x 1080p resolution.
An HDMI signal from an external source can be selected for display on the flat-screen display or projector, and the embedded digital audio is routed to the speakers.

Audio connectivity includes two microphone and two line inputs (for external audio sources), six line level outputs and the outputs of the internal 50 W/channel stereo amplifier.
All inputs can be combined and routed at will using the audio mixing page.
Professional audio quality, as well as a 6 x 6 mixer, 4-band parametric EQs, plus crossovers and limiters on every output all come as standard with the Liviau R.

Desktop bracket is standard included, wall bracket is optional.

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