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  • Condenser Vocal Microphone for live applications, supercardioid, flat frequency response, highly resistant to feedback, integrated3-layer windscreen for reducing wind and pop noises, slim Microphone handle, includes A25D Microphone Clip and 26A13 Storage/Carrying Bag

  • Dual Docking Recharging Station for 2 SB903 Li-Ion Batteries and/or SLXD1/SLXD2

  • Dynamic Vocal Microphone, supercardioid, tight and precise sound, extremely high feedback resistance, integrated pop filter, includes A25D Stand Adapter with 3/8 thread and 26A21 Microphone Pouch

  • Handheld Wireless System (Rack Mount Version) Includes: 1 x BLX2/BETA58A Handheld Transmitter, 1 x B

  • Legendary Dynamic Microphone for capturing instruments and amplifiers, cardioid, particularly well-suited to capturing guitar amps, snare drum and brass instruments, includes A25D Microphone clip and 95A2313 carrying bag

  • Shure – SM58 LCE

  • Shure – SM58 met schakelaar

  • SHURE SLXD2 Handzender met beta87/A

  • SLXD1 K59 Band

  • SLXD2 Beta58 K59 Band

  • SLXD2 SM 86 K59 Band

  • SLXD2 SM58 K59 Band

  • SLXD4 Digitale ontvanger K59 Band

  • SLXD4D Dual Ontvanger K59 Band

  • USB Charger for 1 SB903 Li-Ion Battery